New Grand Guardian Announced for 2020, Always Proud of this

brett maas

Check out thew new 2020 Grand Gaurdian and see past Grand Guardians. Brett Maas was proud to be the first in 2017. Grand Guardian, A Network Of Entrepreneurial Guardians Guiding Youth Through Education, Mentorship And Resources To Arm Them With An Opportunity To Achieve Their Full Potential For Success.

Our first Grand Guardian, Brett Maas, was the first to win the Grand Guardian title. Introduced to The Valley Guardians at our first ever ‘desert run’ event, Brett, by close friend Matt Blanton.

Brett was inspired by the exciting day of rugged activities, such as Razr rides out in the mountains with a great chance to network with like-minded individuals, have fun, and give back to his community. Not only was his generosity unmatched, but he has also been an advocate for the Valley Guardian Mission since the beginning. He offered endless support and helped define the mission of The Valley Guardians.

“I really enjoyed that every dollar raised went back to the kids who needed it most. While it was amazing to network and have fun with so many fun and exciting people, it meant a lot to see the transparency of where the money was going, and that it was fueling education in the valley. It was so much more than a social club, but I knew we were doing something special that was going to make a lasting difference in the community.” Said Brett Maas on why he was so moved to become the Grand Guardian.

Education is extremely important to Brett, who is a founding member of the Sons Of Arizona. A local charity whose mission is to lend a helping hand and give back by inspiring local children, local school systems, charities, nonprofit organizations, and individual kids who just need a little boost to get them where they need to be! They accomplish this mission by supporting education, helping feed children in need of supporting other non-profits who are working to improve children’s lives.

“For me, my greatest inspiration and motivation comes from being able to make the best life I can for my children. From the moment I wake up to when I lay my head back down, I am constantly pushing myself to be the best father, role model, and to make a positive impact on everyone in my community.” Brett said on the importance of his involvement in these charities.“It’s so important to me that every child lives the best life they can. By improving education, we can give back to the community and give them the opportunity to make the best lives they can.”

Brett continues to find new ways to help build his community through his work with Hayden IR. Brett finds it exhilarating to be exposed to so many different industries, business models, and intelligent people every day. Together they help elevate the profile of micro and small-cap public companies and connect them with the right investors at the right time.

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