Help Fight Childhood Cancer, Give Back

As Brett Maas content team we get to see some of the really generous and nice things Brett does to give back. One of them is when he received and email from a friend and it states…

Once again, I am asking for your help.  For the seventh year in a row, I am riding in the Trek 100, a Ride for Hope.

Please consider joining the fight against childhood cancer and related blood disorders. I am riding in the Trek 100 Ride for Hope which supports the MACC Fund. This is a ride truly for hope. Proceeds from this ride will help support critical research efforts in the search for new cures and in the eradication of childhood cancer and related blood disorders. The overall cure rate stands at 80%, but with your help, we will get to 100% — one pedal at a time.

Sam, my son, was diagnosed with osteosarcoma in January 2009.  Because of the efforts of the MACC Fund, the survival rate for Sam has increased to 80% from 15% when the MACC Fund began over 30 years ago.

Needless to say Brett was quick to help support a friend, his son, and a great cause. Also, if you read this and they are still raising money to help cure childhood cancer you can donate here.

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Brett Maas Sponsors $5,000 Table at 2015 Make-A-Wish Arizona Ball

make a wish arizona

Make-A-Wish® Arizona raised more than $765,000 during the 2015 Make-A-Wish Arizona Studio 540 Wish Ball presented by GoDaddy. Proceeds from the event, held on Saturday, April 11, will help grant 102 Arizona wishes.

Brett Maas sponsored a table and donated $5,000 to contribute to the over $700k raised for Make a Wish Arizona. Make a wish is another organization that Brett Maas really enjoys giving to because it involves helping kids and children.

Brett Maas Donates $500.00 to the Missionary Athletes International, (MAI)

soccerBrett Maas received a letter (portion of that letter below). Brett’s goal is to encourage others to help more people and support others you believe in for great causes.

Friends and Family, I would like to share with you a great opportunity which God has brought my way this summer. Missionary Athletes International, (MAI) a non-profit, non-denominational sports ministry, has asked me as part of the Biola men’s soccer team to be team member on a missions outreach trip to Japan this summer from July 29th-August 10th.


The goal of this trip is to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ through the platform of soccer. Personal testimonies, post-game presentations, shared meals, matches, and clinics are just a few of the ways we are able to share God’s love. Many of the people we will be in contact with have never heard the gospel and my team has the opportunity to change that.


The Seahorses have been ministering in Japan for the past eighteen years. We will be ministering in three different locations in Japan: Osaka, and Iwakuni. Soccer fever has swept the country and it is our attempt to capitalize on that excitement to share the importance of a relationship with Christ through the platform of soccer. Less than 1% of the Japanese know Jesus Christ as Lord and personal Savior.

Brett Maas lists companies you can donate and give back.

Brett Maas lists top five sites to make a charitable donations. Giving back is one of the best ways to become a better person and help people. I hope my Blog will inspire you to do so and make it easier to come up ideas on who to help.

1. Make a Wish Foundation

2. Arizona Cancer Charities

3. ChildFund International

4. Ronald McDonald House Charities

5. PetSmart Charities

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Brett Maas suggests donations to 2010 ING New York City Marathon

How It All Began

Running in the ING New York City Marathon was a personal challenge that Mike Havard had undertaken successfully before. In 2004, however, he raised the bar for himself even higher by committing to use his participation in the marathon as a way to generate funds for The Hole in the Wall Gang Camp in Ashford, Connecticut. That year, his fundraising efforts brought in close to $40,000 for the Camp.

Donate to the cause click here

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Brett Maas finds helpful site to find charities to contribute to.

Brett Maas found a great resource to find places to contribute and give back to.

Check it out here

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Remember today is Tax Day and think about Charity for Tax Refunds

Charity comes to mind when doing your taxes. For me its for two reason. First any donations you make are usually a chance to write off on your taxes. But please follow the advise of a CPA or a tax professional when it comes to what you can write off and what you can’t.

Secondly, any tax refund you get back is another opportunity to give back to charity and help your local community. I always favor local charities and its as easy as going to Google and searching “your local city/state + charities” for some ideas. So when you get that well deserved tax refund hopefully think about giving 5,10, or 15% of it to a local charity that can help others.

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