Brett Maas Donates $500.00 to the Missionary Athletes International, (MAI)

soccerBrett Maas received a letter (portion of that letter below). Brett’s goal is to encourage others to help more people and support others you believe in for great causes.

Friends and Family, I would like to share with you a great opportunity which God has brought my way this summer. Missionary Athletes International, (MAI) a non-profit, non-denominational sports ministry, has asked me as part of the Biola men’s soccer team to be team member on a missions outreach trip to Japan this summer from July 29th-August 10th.


The goal of this trip is to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ through the platform of soccer. Personal testimonies, post-game presentations, shared meals, matches, and clinics are just a few of the ways we are able to share God’s love. Many of the people we will be in contact with have never heard the gospel and my team has the opportunity to change that.


The Seahorses have been ministering in Japan for the past eighteen years. We will be ministering in three different locations in Japan: Osaka, and Iwakuni. Soccer fever has swept the country and it is our attempt to capitalize on that excitement to share the importance of a relationship with Christ through the platform of soccer. Less than 1% of the Japanese know Jesus Christ as Lord and personal Savior.

Brett Maas and Sons of Arizona Donates School Supplies to Supai

sons of arizonaOn September 12th, the Sons of Arizona delivered items from its School Supply Drive to Sheryl Rednor, principal at Supai Middle School. Not only did they deliver a stockpile of the basic items, including 313 dozen pencils, 700 spiral notebooks and 181 packages of 3X5 cards, the organization was also able to accommodate and deliver a large amount of “wish list” items that were requested directly from the teachers and faculty , including 25 scientific calculators, 100 three ring binders, socks and underwear. Due to a generous donor, the Sons of Arizona was even able to provide Supai with an iPod touch for one of the education award programs. “This has been a great experience for us, and we look forward to future opportunities to support the children of the community,” said Grant MacKenzie, Jr., president of Sons of Arizona.

The Sons of Arizona was founded in June of 2011 by a group of 11 Scottsdale and Phoenix locals for the benefit of children in our local communities. Their efforts are focused on inspiring local children, helping local school systems, charities, not- for -profit organizations and individual kids who just need a little boost to get them where they need to be! The members of Sons of Arizona includes 11 local business owners, teachers and executives including President Grant MacKenzie, Matt Blanton, Joshua Glennie, Jake Flesner, Jacob Chapman, Brendon Sarracino, Brett Maas, Jason Blechmann, Ryan Kohnke, Travis Chapman and Mark Colletti.

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Brett Maas Donates $1000.00 to Team Hole in the Wall

It feels good to give back. Just received this message today after giving $1000.00 to a good cause. I share this to help encourage others to give. Givers gain!

2011 Chicago Marathon
Dear Brett Maas,

Thank you for supporting one of our Team Hole in the Wall members! Your gift will help make this Team Hole in the Wall event a success and help a seriously ill child experience the magic of a Hole in the Wall Camp.

Because of your generosity, Hole in the Wall Camps are able to provide a camp experience to thousands of children who, because of the severity of their illness, are unable to attend a traditional camp. By coming to camp, these children share the simple pleasures usually associated with a healthy childhood – acceptance, safe play and the building of lasting friendships. They get to create more than a little mischief, eat lots of good kid food and sing songs under the stars while roasting marshmallows.

At each Hole in the Wall Camp, we are inspired with every new encounter we have with a camper. As we listen to their camp stories, the world takes on more color, is more hopeful, and more filled with love. Their joy, their appreciation for their time at camp, their indomitable courage and spirit make Hole in the Wall Camps very special and sacred. Thank you again for your generous support to help make this possible.


Team Hole in the Wall

Please print and keep a copy of this acknowledgement for tax purposes as a receipt for your records. Our Tax ID number is

If your employer participates in matching contributions, please send all forms to The Hole in the Wall Gang Fund, Inc., 555 Long Wharf Drive, New Haven, CT 06511, Attn: Team Hole in the Wall.

The following information was collected about your gift:

From Brett Maas

Payment Method: CREDIT
Gift Amount: 1,000.00
Gift Date: 7/13/2011 3:18:01 PM
Supporting: lloyd levidow

Pay it Forward: Brothers collect items to donate to Alabama

BLADEN COUNTY, NC (WECT) – A couple of guys in Bladen County have plans to ‘pay it forward’ by helping tornado victims in Tuscaloosa, despite recovering from recent damage themselves.

Cole Young and his brother Steven are combining efforts to help victims of the storms that swept through the South last week.

“When Elizabethtown was devastated with tornadoes we had people from outside come in here to also help us,” explained Cole. “So, it’s kind of our way of repaying folks.”

The independent business owner said his family scrambled to get power for his baby’s breathing machine after the storms hit about 200 yards from his home. Now, Cole can only imagine what some people are going through in Alabama.

The Youngs are loading up a 35 foot trailer with food, water, toiletries and clothes to take to the tornado victims in Tuscaloosa. They are asking the public to donate whatever they can. So far they have collected nearly 600 pounds of food and supplies.

Donations are being collected at the Food Lion in Elizabethtown or at Cole’s home located at 218 C Aviation Parkway.

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Brett Maas lists companies you can donate and give back.

Brett Maas lists top five sites to make a charitable donations. Giving back is one of the best ways to become a better person and help people. I hope my Blog will inspire you to do so and make it easier to come up ideas on who to help.

1. Make a Wish Foundation

2. Arizona Cancer Charities

3. ChildFund International

4. Ronald McDonald House Charities

5. PetSmart Charities

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Brett Maas finds helpful site to find charities to contribute to.

Brett Maas found a great resource to find places to contribute and give back to.

Check it out here

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Remember today is Tax Day and think about Charity for Tax Refunds

Charity comes to mind when doing your taxes. For me its for two reason. First any donations you make are usually a chance to write off on your taxes. But please follow the advise of a CPA or a tax professional when it comes to what you can write off and what you can’t.

Secondly, any tax refund you get back is another opportunity to give back to charity and help your local community. I always favor local charities and its as easy as going to Google and searching “your local city/state + charities” for some ideas. So when you get that well deserved tax refund hopefully think about giving 5,10, or 15% of it to a local charity that can help others.

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Brett Maas says donate to Haiti

Sometimes catastrophes hit without warning or notice. And for the people of Haiti this exactly what happen. We all spend at least 5.00 a day on lunch, Starbucks, cigarettes what ever. My point is that we should all pitch in as much as we can and help people in their time of need because you never know when it will happen to you.

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Brett Maas Top 3 List for helping people for Turkey Day

I decided to share some links to organizations you can contribute to that can help feed people that are less fortunate for the Holiday Season.

Here is the Brett Maas Top 3 List organizations doing great work, giving back, and ways for you to give back. What’s your top 3?

  1. Salvation Army
  2. Phoenix Rescue Mission
  3. Food For Others

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